Earthtalk Studios was founded in the 1990s by Daniel Smith as a documentary video production company. We soon evolved into a multimedia development company specializing in website design, interactive multimedia, and video production.  Over the years, Earthtalk served many public and private companies in a variety of industries including; Technology/Manufacturing; Tourism/Recreation/Travel; Professional Service Firms; Education/Museums; Nonprofits/Associations; Real Estate/ Construction/Architecture.  Over the years we have won many awards for the work we have done in multiple industries.  Recently we changed our name to ooLite Media, LLC.

- In 1992, writer Todd Wilkinson wrote the following article about ooLite Media principal Daniel Smith.  With tongue-in-cheek, we reprint this article about the "Modem Cowboy."

Modem Cowboy - the Making of Oolite Media
By Todd Wilkinson

With his own company and a growing list of national clients, Dan Smith and Earthtalk are staking a future in the Brave New World
Daniel J. Smith can feel the momentum of a revolution approaching, but when you step into his plush digs located across Main Street from Perkin’s Family Restaurant, there is an overwhelming sense you have just entered an operation comprised equally of one part  Jetson’s, the other of Gunsmoke.

At the world headquarters of Earthtalk Studios,   the youthful  company founder is watching a herd of horses gallop across his computer monitor but one should note it isn’t a screen saver that commands his attention.
Back and forth, hither and yon, at high speed and in slow motion, the equines trot  until Smith finds the exact sequence of shots he needs.  He inserts a nice rift of music and dubs a narrator’s voice.  Finally, after cutting and editing his film digitally on a computer keyboard, he calls it a wrap.

In 1997,  thousands of outfitters and backcountry guides across the West will view this new Earthtalk production, aimed at teaching wranglers how to be more environmentally sensitive when entering the wilderness.  For Smith, shepherding the project  to completion was just another adventure on the frontier of multi-media and the Internet.
We’re not a typical advertising agency or production house,” Smith explains one afternoon during a rare respite.  “What separates us from other agencies is we’re interdisciplinary.   We deal more in high-end, broadcast quality work on documentary and sophisticated industrial videos.  One hundred percent of our work is computer generated.”

Albeit unwittingly, most of us in the northern Rockies have come across Smith’s handiwork at Earthtalk:  In the span of only a couple of months, for example, he has prepared numerous commercials, films, and written material  for the likes of the U.S. Forest Service, Wheat Montana Bakery, Big Sky Resort, World (Snow)Boards and the Museum of the Rockies. 

But as a modem cowboy and seasoned cybernaut, Smith has also landed an impressive list of nationally-known clients, including ESPN and the University of Southern California.

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