For 25 years, we have created videos in a variety of genres for many clients, from documentaries for the Museum of the Rockies to community video for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. Most recently, we have created cooking videos for Gluten-Free Prairie, a promotional video for the Gallatin County Sheriff, lifestyle videos for the Gallatin River Lodge and video book trailers for David Quammen and Todd Wilkinson.  Just below you can view some of our more recent videos.


 Vanessa Sanddall: Red Shoes and Striped Tights
- produced for entrepreneur Vanessa Sanddall

This was a fun project helping Vanessa to brand her new business with a call to action video that also explained her business in just a couple minutes.  I traveled to Helena to tape Vanessa in her home studio, and to capture the very personal nature of her business.  Like many people today, she has turned her lifestyle into a business and is reaching out through web and video to people she never would have been able to connect with in the "old world" before the internet. As Vanessa says in the video, "that's the point, normal is over."


 Jon Knokey: Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership
- produced for author Jon Knokey

Author Jon Knokey finished his groundbreaking book on Theodore Roosevelt's path to leadership and needed an exciting video book trailer to kick off the publication. Utilizing the extensive Teddy Roosevelt archives at Harvard, we crafted a dramatic teaser beginning with Roosevelt's legendary charge up San Juan Hill. Competition for new book recognition is hotter than ever and many authors are opting for well design and dynamic video book trailers to attract readers.



Jim Averitt - Saffire
- produced for Jim Averitt
Singer-songwriter Jim Averitt wanted to create a simple, folksy music video for his new song Saffire.  What better backdrop than downtown Bozeman, Montana.  We spent a day shooting in the charming downtown and later at the 406 Brewery.  The first comment he received on Youtube was from Jim Messina of Loggins and Messina.  Nice work, Jim!



Star West Satellite
- produced for Star West Satellite
We recently created this hiring video for Star West Satellite, one of 14 Regional Service Providers for Dish, located in Bozeman, Montana. We also created their new website. Star West wanted to upgrade their image and attract young, tech savvy employees to become satellite technicians in this fast-paced, fast-growing industry. ooLite Media was the logical choice to help them with both their website and video needs.



Gallatin County Sheriff
- produced for Gallatin County Sheriff
The Gallatin County Sheriff enlisted the creative services of Oolite Media LLC to create an informational video for the department.  There was a need to have a short video they could show at community meetings that described all the things the Sheriff Department does for the people of Gallatin County.


Gallatin River Lodge
- produced for Gallatin River Lodge
Gallatin River Lodge features the new Trout Cabin Lodge near Bozeman, Montana. A secluded boutique hotel & fly fishing lodge offering fine dining, fly fishing guide service and exceptional lodging in the Yellowstone National Park region.


Gluten-Free Prairie Groat Rissoto Recipe
- produced for Gluten-Free Prairie
When Deb Wheaton and her son Jeremy started their new business, Gluten-Free Prairie, Oolite Media videotaped them creating some of their favorite gluten-free recipes... Here, Jeremy whips up his tasty groat rissoto.


Ted Turner Last Stand Book Trailer
- produced for Todd Wilkinson
Todd Wilkinson recently finished a 7-year project exploring the subtlties and idiosyncracies of Ted Turner.  It's a fascinating narrative of what makes Turner tick.  Todd wanted to create an exciting teaser for what the reader will find in the book.


Spillover Book Trailer
- produced for David Quammen
David Quammen recently published the real science thriller, Spillover.  We helped him create  a dramatic trailer that would evoke the gravity of the subject.


The Story of Burke Park (aka Pete's Hill)
- produced for Gallatin Valley Land Trust
Walk along Burke Park trail with Stephen Johnson of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust as he converses with Daniel J. Smith of Earthtalk Studios. Learn about the history of Burke Park (AKA Pete's Hill), and the mission and vision of the Land Trust. We are excited to announce that this Earthtalk Video won a 2008 Gold Montana Addy Award.



Bozeman Curbside Recycling
- produced for City of Bozeman
Bozeman has a new program that's starting up December 1st, 2008. Bozeman Recycles Curbside is a convenient way of recycling without having to leave the comfort of your home.


Hi Dan,
I saw the final version of the video and I wanted to say I am so impressed and thrilled to start showing this at job fairs and hiring events!  Thank you so much for putting this together for us.

Thank you!

Brooke Seagers
Star West Satellite

A quick note to say thank you very much for all your hard work. The video was extremely well received by Jim Nokes and everyone else who saw it. We will also put it on to one of our global weekly video shows.

Thanks again.
Best regards,


Thought I would share a compliment on our website, this is a note from Laura Tode, Pen and Light Creative out of Red Lodge, she is the new editor for Montana Contractor's Association, this is sent with her permission:

"On another note, I have to compliment you on your website. It's very well done, and well written. I think that for a lot of companies, the website is an afterthought. Your's is your calling card. Good work! "

Lauri Olsen
R&R Taylor Construction

Dan just wanted to drop you this note.  After diligently  researching for a qualified web site design firm, we are very satisfied with all aspects of your company.

In this day and time it is not very often to find a company that delivers top quality services from start to finish and in a timely manner,  not to mention being 2400 miles from our physical  location.

Keep up the quality work…

Everett W Skinner III Pres.
The Barn Yard / Great Country Garages
Ellington CT 06029

When it came time to create a new website for my company, I considered doing it myself.  Instead, I contacted Dan Smith at Oolite Media, and I'm very glad I did.  Dan worked with me to build the site I wanted, all the while bringing his knowledge and experience to the table.  Since the site has gone online I've received many positive comments, and I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it, myself.

Gil Stober
Peak Recording